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I am going to explain a very common cause for a weight loss plateau and how to break out of it to start losing weight again. It is easy to get discouraged when you are doing all the right things to lose weight and the scale isn't giving you any satisfaction, but if you can take just a couple of minutes right now to read this article I can show you what is behind the plateau and how to move beyond it.
Weight Loss Plateau
Cause: There can be different causes for a weight loss plateau but if you had been losing weight and then your weight loss stopped chances are your plateau is due to your body adjusting to your new diet.

One thing that is a universally accepted truth of losing weight is that you must keep your calorie intake low and while this is true it can create a problem for your body. Your body looks at your low calorie intake and sets up defenses against starvation. One defense mechanism is to slow your metabolism so you no longer burn up your stored energy - what you call fat.
So you keep your calories low and lose weight but then the body slams the breaks on your metabolism and you stop losing weight.  This is a common way plateaus happen.
Solution: The way to solve this problem is to outsmart your body with a scheduled high calorie meal one time per week. You can think of this as a "cheat meal" because this meal is high in calories, carbs and fats.
Now this seems a bit crazy, especially to think that this is part of your diet but this concept is supported by plenty of research and real life examples. By eating this cheat meal your body is convinced that you are not starving and kicks your metabolism into high gear.
Will you gain from the meal? You will have a temporary gain in water from eating the additional high carb meal but because your metabolism bounces back so quickly you will see a significant weight loss at the end of the week and each week after that since you will no longer be subject to a plateau.
This is a great way to break your weight loss plateau and I hope you have a new understanding of what happens in your body when your weight loss stalls.

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