When Is The Best Time To Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat?

Whatever your preferences, there are a huge variety of exercise programs available for people who are looking to exercise to lose some weight from their stomach. So, once you have found a program that you like or a new one that you want to try when is the best time to exercise to reduce belly fat?
Morning or afternoon exercise sessions each have distinctive benefits. Our bodies are governed by our internal circadian rhythm, which is your body's clock. It regulates the body's chemical and hormonal production and metabolism along an approximate 24 hour period. This lets you sleep when it is sleep time and become active when it is time for that.
Your circadian rhythm affects your heart rate, body temperature and hormone levels which are all essential to a successful exercise program.
While medical professionals are split on whether there is an ideal time of day to exercise, morning and afternoon exercise sessions each have distinctive benefits.
Exercising in the morning
While there is not enough scientific evidence to support this claim, the main benefit to morning exercise to reduce belly fat is that that you will burn more calories exercising on an empty stomach. Exercise raises your metabolic rate for hours after your workout. Your metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body burns at rest for basic functioning, so with a morning workout you are getting the benefits during the day when you eat. Plus, people who work out first thing in the morning may be less likely to forget their diets during the day.
Also, research has shown that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with their exercise program in the long run. If you have full time job and a family you will know that there are always things to be done during the day. If you leave your workout until later in the day, there is more temptation to push it back or miss it entirely due to more pressing or important things that have to be done.
Exercising in the afternoon
If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, afternoon workouts are definitely the best option for you, as your enthusiasm to be exercising in the gym or swimming in the pool will be pretty low.
To get the most out of any exercise to reduce belly fat, you need to be committed both physically and mentally.
There is some evidence that working out in the afternoon gives you an added performance boost. While everyone's circadian rhythm is different, our bodies tend to be warmest in the afternoon, increasing blood flow and flexibility. So, if you prefer complicated, difficult exercise programs like cycling or dance-style classes, it may be best to do them in the afternoon, when your muscles are warmest and there is a lower risk of injury.
There is no overall agreement as to when during the day you should workout for maximum results to reduce belly fat but there are considerations to consider for both a morning and an afternoon exercise program.
If you exercise in the morning, ensure that you warm-up, as your muscles will be cool and stiff after sleeping. If you exercise in the afternoon you need to be conscientious about not missing your workout. Researchers, dieticians and scientists are agreed on one thing though. Rather than being concerned about what is the best time of day to exercise, you need find a good exercise program and stick to it consistently.

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