Lose Weight Using the Banana Diet

   Losing weight through banana diet has been around the diet world for years now. This method which originated from japan was proven over and over again to be effective and easy. Although this method is said to be the basic strategies on how to lose, still we must know it and master it's techniques.

   Bananas are full of good carbohydrates, which are the body's energy source. Good carbs have low glycemic indexes, so they release into the body slowly. A slow release means the carbohydrates will not turn to glucose too quickly. This prevents a rapid change in the body's blood sugar level. When the insulin level in your body fluctuates, it can leave you feeling tired, weak and hungry. Bananas can keep your blood sugar level consistent.

   The morning banana diet is actually good as being suggested by medical sciences. The diet plan includes eating two to three pieces of banana for breakfast. After that, instead of old drink, you may want to have a warm drink. When you go for lunch, you can eat anything. You can eat dinner before 8pm. It is a big no-no when you eat banana from breakfast to dinner. Too much intake of banana can be dangerous to your body.

   We go now with the dangers of losing weight with this diet.

Below are the five things to avoid in this diet:
   1. Breakfast skipping.
   2. Forgetfulness to drink water at room temperature only.
   3. Not eating or avoidance of lunch and dinner meals.
   4. Eating bananas only, it is not only bananas which are effective.
   5. Weighing oneself daily

   If you want to lose weight fast and achieve better health, try to take in a combination of fresh fruits rather than emphasizing on bananas alone. Different color fruits offer different health benefits, while all of them are effective ingredients of a weight loss diet.

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