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   Everyone knows that being overweight often leads to a lot of difficulties and health risks. However, despite this fact, obesity rate is at an all-time high and countless people are still struggling to shed off some weight. Frustrated with gaining more weight instead of losing them, most people are anxious to follow every weight loss idea that they come across.

    If you go into any health food store or look online, you'll find hundreds of weight loss supplements, many of them claiming to have remarkable benefits. Although it's tempting to try new supplements, the possible side effects and safety concerns aren't always listed. And while some of them may be promising, others can do more harm than good. Here's the scoop on popular weight loss supplements.

  • Vitamin D, or the sunshine vitamin, was recently featured in over 3,000 independent clinical studies conducted all over the world in last year alone. After the medical results were tallied and evaluated, Vitamin D is now the superstar in the weight loss supplement industry.

  • Green tea’s calorie-burning properties may lie in the ability of EGCG to increase the body’s heat production by speeding up  metabolism. Drinking green tea for weight loss works because it seems to increase the amount of calories the body burns throughout the day for all activities, whether you are moving or at rest. Your body’s ability to burn calories appears to increase when you drink green tea.

  • Hoodia is one of many dietary supplements that claims to be the way to lose weight. It is advertised as an appetite suppressant that is natural and safe. Before you rush out to the store for this product, you should understand where it comes from, how it works and if there is any actual evidence to support the claims it makes.

  • Chia seeds, mostly renowned for sprouting hair on shapes and faces as seen in the ubiquitous "Chia Pets," also can boost your energy levels and fight inflammation. Chia seeds provide a healthy source of fiber, alpha-linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. The seeds can form a healthy adjunct to your diet when used in moderation and figured in to your overall calorie count. The acids may help you maintain healthy skin and organ development and fight off free radicals, but it's the fiber that will aid your weight loss efforts.

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