4 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

   When you think of healthy foods, do you automatically think of food that is bland, and not particularly appealing? But healthy foods don't have to be tasteless! Following is an introduction to the four healthy foods you should make a part of your diet; they are delicious, easily accessible, and good for you.

Beets: Believe it or not, beets are a very healthy choice to add to your diet. These small, red rooted vegetables have folate and betaine, which are two nutrients that help to lower the blood's levels of homocysteine. Homocysteine is thought to cause damage to arteries and increase the risk of heart disease. Eating beets will reduce your chances of having these problems. Lab mice fed beets had lower incidents of cancer. Beets are at their most nutritious when eaten uncooked. After shredding them, soak them in a little lemon juice and olive oil, and then add them to your tossed salad.
Cinnamon: Many of us only consume cinnamon in the form of sugary cinnamon rolls. In addition to being utterly delicious, the spice also helps to maintain blood sugar, and lower the risk of heart disease. USDA research shows that people who have Type Two Diabetes and took two grams of cinnamon per day, during a six week period had lower blood sugar as well as lower cholesterol levels. The active ingredients found in the spice are methylhydroxychalcone polymers, which increase the body's ability to metabolize sugar. A great way to add it to your diet is to sprinkle it on oatmeal or cereal, or add a little to your coffee.
Goji Berries: These small berries have been used for their medicinal properties by Tibetans for centuries. Scientific studies have shown that this small berry has more antioxidant power than any other fruit. Scientific research has shown the berry can help reduce insulin production, a major issue for patients with diabetes. These healthy berries can be enjoyed atop your yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal in the morning.
Cabbage: Cabbage is widely eaten in both Asia and Europe, and is becoming more popular in America as well. It contains sulforaphane, a substance that is thought to reduce the risk of cancer. It achieves this by defending the body against free radicals, and also by raising the production of specific enzymes that prevent cell damage. Enjoy it by shredding it, or using it to atop your sandwiches or burgers. Alternatively, try combining it with grated apples and carrots for a refreshing salad.
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