Best Healthy Food in Spring

   Spring is here and with more and more hot days comes a new generation of fresh produce. This is the perfect time for "spring cleaning" of your diet as well. With the sharp drop in the price of fruits and vegetables during the winter and spring season, most of the healthy food here is thus assumes the aisle product or the local farmer's market.

   Pineapple: some of the most popular fruits of the tropical world. They are sweet, juicy and delicious. More importantly, they are very healthy and nutritious. It is no wonder that many people who want to have a healthy lifestyle include fruits in your diet. To learn more.
   Health Benefits Pineapple (full of vitamins and minerals - Avoid cough and cold - Strengthens bones - Maintains healthy gums - Helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration - relieves arthritis - Improves digestion - ...)

   The tomatoes are often used as a vegetable, but in reality it is a citrus fruit. Tomatoes are a very versatile food. They are excellent eaten raw in salads or sandwiches, and have a wonderful sweetness during cooking. Its acidity makes it an ideal food for canning. Tomatoes are an important part of the American diet, it is hard to believe that, once considered toxic. Only in mid-1800 has become a staple in the United States
   Health advantages of Tomato (to prevent cancer - prevention of DNA damage - Reduce the risk of heart disease - prevention of thrombosis - Protection against infection - ...)

   Banana: once exotic fruit has found its way into our daily lives. Both pieces of cereal or mixed into a smoothie, here are eight reasons to take about four bananas per week in your diet. A banana. 11% RDA of dietary fiber and only 108 calories banana fiber not only maintains the normal digestion, but also helps to reduce blood sugar and curbs overeating.
   Health benefits of bananas (low blood pressure - Healthy Bones - the high nutrient absorption - intestinal health - Well tough - Cancer Prevention - Vitamin B6 - ...)

   Artichoke has a diameter of about 6-10 cm and weighing more than about 150 g. The hairy flowers, immature eggs in the center include "Choke", and when they are older and have large flowers are poisonous if ingested. Edible part of gemstones is mainly constituted by elements of small dimensions lower involucral bracts and the base, known as the "heart". There are different types of artichokes and are classified according to size, color and spine.
   Health Benefits artichoke  (rich in antioxidants - ... Prevention and Treatment of Cancer - Low Cholesterol - improves liver function - Improves digestion - Treatment of hypertension - blood sugar - source of vitamins)


  1. Great info. I look forward to the Spring of each year to get the fresh vegetables grown at the local farmers market.

  2. Yes indeed nice post and info. Health eating and gym attendance are crucial, just ask me? I am fat and fit at the same of).. I really need to eat properly. thanks for sharing.